Dang Gummit!!!  This is downright frustrating!!!!

Spent three weeks trying to get my Insta360 One R to the new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G that I purposely purchased for the Insta360 One R since it is reportedly unable to connect to my Galaxy 8+ which has served me well for the past three years.

Visited various websites, spent useless hours on Youtube search for answers and was on the point of sending the Insta360 back. Had finished packing it but hadn't yet tape the box when a possible reason popped into my head so I gave it a try and sure enough it worked......or at least so I thought. Whether by accident or by intent, I did succeed in connecting the camera to the Internet and downloading a firmware update and connecting the camera to my S20.......for ONE day.....

Since then NOPE....no connection to be made. Fortunately, since I did connect once and was able to download the firmware update, I am able to use the camera....just can't use the app.

First week of repeated connecttion failures

I took a video of the problem that I first had which you can view here. It won't do you much good as it doesn't provide a solution. But it may give you comfort in knowing that you aren't the only one facing this problem.

At time marker 3:58, you will see an 'Update Firmware' notice appear. You will also observe that after clicking on 'UPDATE,' no update message is displayed......and truthfully, an update is not being made. If you successfully connect, you will see an 'Updating' message appear.

OK....what to do....?

After three weeks, my patience had come to an end, my list of limited ideas had been checked off, and the suggestions from Insta360 Help became repetative and useless, I decided that it was the camera that had the problem and wasn't a user problem....read "Jim Problem..." So I sat down, put the things in a box and was ready to take it to UPS for shipment back to the supplier.....WHEN......a possible cause occurred to me.....What if my normal inhouse WIFI service was active on my phone while I was trying to connect to the camera. So I turned it as well as the automatic connect function off....and was able to download the firmware and connect to the camera via the app.

Problem solved....at least for that one day, multiple times....But ONLY for that one day. I have not been able to connect since then.

Fortunately, I can now use the camera since I was able to download the update. But connecting the to the camera via the app....NOPE, no way, nada, nashi, nien and what any other negatives there are.

So we have the movie above to show what the initial problem was. I am going to provide images below to show the steps that I am taking to try to connect. If you have an idea on what I am doing wrong, please comment below. Thanks!

Step One

20201120 121601Turn off TheParkerHouse wifi and set auto reconnect to off.

Insta360 turned on.

Following photo shows the results.


Step Two

thumb 20201120 121415The App is shown.

Click on the [Connect] Button.



Step Three

20201120 121429

 App is trying to connect to previously used camera but fails.

When you go to manual you see the same screen shown in Step One.



For Reference, the following image is of the Connections Screen display.

20201120 121753


Have any ideas?

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