Hi! I'm Jim. I own this domain name and run this website....well me and ChatGPT anyway. ChatGPT in my enabler doing for me what would take a crew of people and gobs of money that I don't have. This is our story and how we run this website together,

First some background

IWhich to do 01 am writing this in February of 2024. I live half of the year in a little Japanese fishing village called Arari. It is located in a rather isolated area on the west coast of Izu Peninsula. For the other six months, I live in the town of Surprise located on the northwest side of Phoenix, Arizona. I joined the US Navy after graduating from high school. I got a good education in electronics. I left the Navy as an E-6 after 7 years to enter Sophia University in Tokyo. I graduated with a double major in Far East Studies and Sociology. So on the one side, I had a good foundation in the hard sciences of electronics, and on the other, I had a good foundation in the so-called soft sciences.

Between graduating in 1975 and now, I have engaged in many business endeavors, some that are somewhat successful and others that have been abject failures. But all have been interesting. 

I am now 79 and will be turning 80 this year. I am in great health and have never been as forward-looking as I am now. i enjoy every day and although I have a few shoulder and arm pains I luckily have nothing to really complain about.

What's "My Story" About?

The Internet has always been one of the areas that I have had a lot of interest in. I began creating websites as a business as soon as the first browsers became available in the early 1990s. Most of these were a side business for me and I never really had much income from them. But over the years, I have acquired a few domain names and have tried to develop them into a source of income off and on. Most of the domain names  I acquire are based on my personal interest. For example, I like sailing, bicycling, and traveling so I acquired the domain names of japansailing.com, bikingjapan.com, and aztouring.com among others. So I have somewhat could be valuable domain names, but with other work taking priority, I haven't had the time to develop them in a business-like, thought-out manner.

Too Much Ambition and Not Enough Resources

When I had spare time, I would start to work on creating a website for one of my domains. Installing the CMS (Content Management System) is an easy task to do. But styling it in a manner that I was satisfied with was and still is time-consuming although I enjoy working with css and html. Designing a layout and implementing it can be a time-consuming, never-ending enterprise. And then creating the content for the website required images including graphics and photos. Once this was accomplished or was somewhat on its way to becoming accomplished, the most challenging part of populating the website with interesting, audience-grabbing, fresh content became my "bridge too far."

My problem was that I was over-ambitious. Trying to accomplish all this on my own was impossible. I should have limited myself to one domain name and concentrated on that, but that's now who I am and I have resigned myself to it for better or worse.

AI to the Rescue

So let's jump to today. Today I have ChatGPT!! I can accomplish more in one day than I could in a week or two 10 years ago. ChatGPT plays the role of being my graphics artist, my icon designer, my idea critiquer, my business consultant, my copywriter, and my researcher. Hiring this crew costs me $20 a month. This is something I can afford on my retirement income.

A cliche I know, but it is true anyway -- a whole new realm of possibilities has opened for me. If, like me, you are a person who is looking to create your source of income based on what your passion is, please join my community here at Cayenne Design. It doesn't require a large investment. it does require that you have good Internet access and a good PC.

ChatGPT and Me!

Ok, so you have gotten this far in my narrative. Let's explore the use of ChatGPT together and see how it can support our online effort. How will we do this?

First, the introduction I wrote above was written by me. I next used the Creative Writing Coach on ChatGPT to see what it had to say about my writing.  The following is its response.

This passage is a compelling introduction to your life story, blending personal history with professional endeavors in a way that's both engaging and informative. Here's what's good about it:

  1. Narrative Clarity: You've clearly outlined your life's journey, from military service to education, and from various business ventures to your current engagement with the internet and domain names. This chronological clarity helps readers easily follow your story.

  2. Personal Insight: Sharing your personal experiences, especially the contrasts between your successful and unsuccessful business ventures, adds depth to your narrative. It shows vulnerability and resilience, making you more relatable to your audience.

  3. Technological Evolution: You effectively highlight how technological advancements, particularly the internet and tools like ChatGPT, have impacted your work. This not only dates your experiences but also shows adaptability and continuous learning.

  4. Passion and Interests: The mention of your hobbies and how they influenced your domain name choices adds a personal touch that can engage readers with similar interests.

Suggestions for improvement:

  1. Focus and Depth: While the overview is comprehensive, diving deeper into specific experiences or anecdotes could enrich the narrative. For example, sharing a particular challenge you overcame with one of your websites or a business venture could offer more insight into your resilience and creativity.

  2. Clarify the Purpose: Early on, you pose the question, "What is 'My Story' about?" but the passage feels more like a life summary than a story with a clear arc or purpose. Clarifying whether your story aims to inspire, instruct, or entertain (or a combination of these) could help refine its direction.

  3. Engage with Conflict: Most compelling stories have a clear conflict or series of challenges. While you mention over-ambition and the difficulties of website development, a more detailed exploration of these challenges could add tension and interest. How did these obstacles affect you personally and professionally? What specific strategies did you use to overcome them?

  4. Visual and Emotional Imagery: Incorporating more descriptive language to paint a picture of the places you've lived or the projects you've worked on could enhance the reader's experience. Similarly, sharing more about how your adventures made you feel could add an emotional layer to your narrative.

  5. Future Vision: You conclude on a note of possibility with ChatGPT, which is uplifting. Expanding on your vision for the future, perhaps with specific goals or projects you're excited about, could offer a compelling hook for readers to stay engaged or follow your journey.

Overall, your passage provides a fascinating glimpse into a life full of learning, adaptation, and exploration. With a bit more focus on storytelling elements like conflict, character development (in this case, your own personal growth), and sensory details, it could become even more engaging and inspiring.


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"ChatGPT Icon 02This article was initially drafted with the assistance of ChatGPT and other related GPTs, which were instrumental in generating outlines, suggesting ideas, conducting preliminary research, and creating images. However, it's important to note that all written content has undergone a thorough review process. In most cases, the material has been extensively rewritten to ensure clarity, coherence, and stylistic consistency. Moreover, the Cayenne editorial staff has meticulously checked the information presented for accuracy and reliability. Our commitment to quality and precision in our reporting and content creation process is paramount, ensuring that our readers receive trustworthy and informative articles."
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