Are you a driven individual, perhaps retired, eager to explore new interests but hindered by lack of funds? Or someone yearning for independence from traditional employment, ready for a low-risk venture into self-employment?


Here's how:

I've registered a collection of domain names over the years, reflecting my varied interests. Now semi-retired, I've realized I can't develop all these websites alone. I've prepared these domains with styling and sample content, showcasing their potential for someone like you to take over. You have the opportunity to either rent or buy these domains and websites to build your business.

Understanding the hesitation towards starting a new venture, I'm offering a two-month trial of using these domains and websites at no cost and no obligation, provided they're used as intended. This period allows you to assess your commitment to developing the website into a business. If it's not for you, walk away without any cost or obligation. Otherwise, choose to buy or continue renting the domain and website, with the option to purchase in the future.

(Note: Renters must meet specific criteria to prevent misuse by competitors. Additionally, I'm contemplating a Cayenne Design franchise offering ongoing marketing, design, and app development support, though this is still under consideration and shouldn't influence your decision currently.)

The Domains and Websites

AZ Touring 340x70

The AZ Touring website is designed to support tour guides in successfully advertising their specialties, connecting with new customers, and maintaining those connections over the years.

The AZ Touring website includes social, directory, blog, and news apps that empower tour guides ability to provide immediate information on the status of important items such as tours, weather, events, and sale promotions.

Although the original location for tours to be conducted was in Arizona, it has been expanded to include New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and southeastern California. However, the meaning of AZ in the domain name could be understood to mean "all-encompassing" as if from A to Z, so an enterprising individual or group of individuals could easily expand their business by changing the logo from "Guides to the Southwest" to "Guides to the World" or whatever.

If you are interested in finding out more about this business opportunity, please email me by clicking on "Need more Info on AZ Touring."

JapanSailing 340x70

The market for this domain name is very long tail but could be a lot of fun for a long-term resident in Japan or a Japanese national. I am a permanent resident of Japan and have been living in Japan since 1971 and began sailing around 1973. I've owned a couple of sailboats, skippered in some races, and started out circumnavigating Japan in a 16-foot dinghy in 2010 but for various reasons got stuck in Nishi-Izu on the Izu Peninsula where I now live half of the year.

I started this website with the idea of filling it in with the places that I visit and getting other sailors, Japanese and non-Japanese, to participate. Unfortunately, I have never had the time to develop the website, and hope to find someone who can.....maybe you?

By the way, we have plans for a two-month sailing excursion this year in May and June. If you are interested, keep posted on Japan Sailing for updates.

If you are interested in finding out more about this business opportunity, please email me by clicking on "Need more Info on Japan Sailing."

JapanTouring 340x70

Similar in concept to AZ Touring, Japan Touring is meant to provide a tool for Japanese guides to introduce their specialties to Japanese and non-Japanese clientele. I have worked on this website on and off over many years as a tool for building my concept of what would provide a viable platform for an enterprising individual to build a viable business.

The domain could easily be franchised into regional areas of Japan which would be reflected in the creation of a subdomain for that region. For example, we can create websites such as or A franchise or something similar could be constructed to support local development.

This would be an excellent domain and website for a person interested in promoting tourism in Japan while supporting guides, tourism, and the economy of local rural areas.

If you are interested in finding out more about this business opportunity, please email me by clicking on "Need more Info on Japan Touring."

Kuwa 340x70

Kuwa is a very interesting site and unusual in our lineup of domain name websites. It has an actual product to sell. Click on the Kuwa image to find out all about Kuwa, what it is, where it is grown, and the unique properties that it has.

This website comes with a product, Kuwa,  to sell. I have been given the right to sell the product in the US and am looking for someone who would be interested in doing so After seeing the website and learning about the product, you are interested in helping to market Kuwa in North America, please email me by clicking on "Need more Info on marketing Kuwa."

SolarWindTech 340x70 specializes in solar and wind technologies, as indicated by its name. Originally registered for a Japanese client who has since decided to let go of it, this domain name perfectly aligns with its market focus.

I see this website as becoming a valuable resource for homeowners with solar panels. While my knowledge is limited to Arizona, it's clear that homeowners here face challenges due to new APS policies that undermine the financial benefits of adopting solar energy. This website could serve as a vital platform across North America by supporting these homeowners locally by enhancing their ability to influence legislation and regulations that promote renewable energy usage.

If you are passionate about these climate-saving technologies and are searching for an inexpensive but powerful way to have a voice on this important issue, this may just be your opportunity to do so. if so, please email me by clicking on "Need more Info on marketing SolarWindTech ."

Coming Soon

I have also registered the following domains and will, in time, add them to the list above. If you are REALLY interested in having one of them developed into a working website, let me know by email by clicking on "I am interested in the following website" so that we can discuss the matter.