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Knowledge Base

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting provides hosting for all of our clients' websites. This section contains information on such items as

  • Why do you use Inmotion Hosting
  • I already have an account with another provider such as Go-Daddy.
  • My domain name is registered with a different company.

Website Maintenance

Just like any other product, your website requires updating and maintenance if it is to remain an efficient business tool for your company. Cayenne Design provides its clients with the tools and information required to do all of this themselves if they so wish.

On the other hand, we also provide the Cayenne Design Support Plan for only $39/month.

This  section provides information concerning both.

Website & Server Security

Keeping hackers out of your website and server are two very important goals. Inmotion Hosting takes great steps to  protect your server from being hacked but they are not in a position to protect your website.  Check here for information on the whys, does, and don'ts of keeping your website secure.