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Adrian Landscaping on Google PlusIt is now May 2016. In the past 2 months the number of views on these photos has TRIPLED!!!!

Or How to Use Google Maps to Promote Your Business

Are you using Google's broad array of website owner tools to power up your website? Things like Google Webmaster, Google+, or Google Analytics? I recently got a congratulatory email from Google giving me a bunch of "whoopies!" for having more than 10,000 30,000 views of photos that I added to a location on Google Maps. Using Google Maps can be an additional tool for you too if implemented correctly. This article takes a look at how it was implemented here and how you could implement it even better!

adrian 02Click to view on Google MapAs this was a test case, we uploaded the photos to my Google+ account. Normally, they would be uploaded to the website's own Google+ account. (If you don't have one, you certainly should. It's free and having one does not harm your SEO while not having one could.) The photos were taken of landscaping work done by A Adrian's Landscaping ( The company is located in Prescott Valley and is operated by Adrian Augustin. In this case, all the photos are located to his company's address. Obviously, it would be better if they could each be located at the actual address of Adrian's customer, but privacy considerations make this difficult in many cases.

However, there are times when you can locate photos with their actual location without having to worry about privacy rights. For example, Adrian could easily post a photo of a commercial landscaping job without breaking privacy rights and providing additional online exposure for his client at the same time.

Even if you aren't able to post photos at their actual location doesn't mean that posting them has no value. Click on the first image to expand it. After doing so you can see number of times any particular landscaping photo has been viewed. Viewers definitely have more interest in some than in others. These could be clues as to what type of landscaping is most interesting to viewers and subsequently shape the type of advertising you may wish to make. You may also want to provide additional content that corresponds to the apparent interests as well.

If you would like to have more information about the valuable tools that Google can provide free-of-charge, give Jim a call at 623-249-1838 and setup an appointment or email him..