You have two plans to choose from

1. Super Economical: Only $150

Situation: You want a Hot & Edgy© website and are happy using a type of name.

Cost: $50 includes your website and website hosting for first year. $10 annually for subsequent years of hosting

2. Still Economical: $150 + Domain Name (~$11) + Hosting ($10/yr)

Situation: You want a Hot & Edgy© website but want your own dedicated website name such as


  1. Website: $150
  2. Domain Name Registration. You can find our pricing here at It will run from about $10 annually depending on whether you get a .com, .us. or some other URL designation.
  3. Website Hosting: $10.00 annually. Why a hosting fee? Using a dedicated domain name requires some special preparation on the server.

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